What breeze offers

The employee health platform designed with SMEs in mind.

Breeze gives your workforce direct access to doctors, physios, counsellors, health assessments and so much more via an easy-to-use app.
It really is an ideal way for SMEs to reduce absenteeism, boost productivity and meet your duty of care obligations.

Big employee benefits for a small price.

For just £4.00 per month, per employee, your workforce can book medical appointments and access the following services anytime, via any digital device:

  • GP_Appointments_icon

    Direct line to a doctor via phone or video and prescriptions delivered to your door.

  • Counselling_Sessions_icon
    24/7 Counselling

    Mental health helpline and face to face support for stress, anxiety, bereavement, financial and family matters.

  • Physiotherapy_icon

    Consultations with a qualified physio via phone or video call, together with a personal diagnosis and recovery plan.

  • Online_Assessments_icon
    Health Assessments

    Online health and lifestyle assessments with clear recommendations on how to improve every aspect of wellbeing.

  • Wellbeing_Library_icon
    Wellbeing Library

    An ever-growing library of nutritional, mental health and fitness programmes, videos and guides.

  • Thrive_App_icon
    Wellbeing App

    Access the NHS approved* Thrive app, clinically proven to prevent, detect and treat mental health conditions.

  • Post_Hospital_Assistance_icon
    Home Assistance

    Help with household chores, local shopping and mobility for employees who need a helping hand at home after a stay in hospital.

  • PERKS_Rewards_Scheme_icon
    Rewards Scheme

    Access to hundreds of deals and discounts on famous brands to help employees' salaries go further.

*The app meets NHS quality standards for clinical effectiveness, safety, usability and accessibility and has a supportive evidence base.

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How breeze works

No drain on resources.
No hidden costs.

Breeze couldn’t be easier to rollout and manage. Onboarding is automated, all appointments are booked by individual employees and all the services are managed by Health Shield.

In short, Breeze proactively takes care of every aspect of your employees’ wellbeing, leaving you free to take care of business.


Tailored health

Automated on boarding

Getting your employees onboard couldn’t be more easy. Simply upload their details using the provided Breeze CSV template, and all your employees will be invited to register by email. We’ll tell them everything they need to know about Breeze, including how to register.

Employee wellbeing assessments

The initial insight source for Breeze is your individual employees.
As part of the sign-up process, they're prompted to fill in financial, lifestyle and mental wellbeing assessments. The results are then displayed to each employee via a personal dashboard, enabling them to benchmark themselves against a variety of guidelines.

Personalised recommendations

Breeze learns from each employee’s interactions and then collates, analyses and displays company-wide anonymous data to the employer via a dashboard. The dashboard provides all the MI required to measure the effectiveness of the benefits program plus the functionality to respond with further wellbeing initiatives such as surveys and events.

Ongoing employee engagement

Wellbeing is a moving target, so Breeze actively encourages employees to revisit their assessments and keep track of every aspect of their wellbeing. This ongoing engagement is enabled by an ever-growing content library of lifestyle, health and financial wellbeing insights provided by experts.

Ongoing employer support

Breeze is fully supported by our team of wellbeing professionals, who work with you to analyse your management information and refine your overall employee strategy.
They can also recommend and implement tailored wellbeing events, communications programmes and additional health services in response to your specific business needs.

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