There for you during these uncertain times.

As we continue to adapt to the ever-changing COVID-19 situation, our commitment to keeping our members in the best of health has never been so important as it is now.

Our Customer Care team are here to answer your queries, we are available from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

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Your Claims

How long will it take to pay my claim during the pandemic?

We aim to process your claim in two working days, please allow a further three working days for the payment to reach your bank account. On occasions it may take us a little longer to pay your claim. Please bear with us if this happens.

Can I claim for cancelled or re-arranged appointments?

Claims are paid based on the date you have treatment or buy some glasses, for example. So, if you cancel or re-arrange, your claim will be paid based on that new date and part of that benefit year.

How do I make a claim?

Simply follow the step-by-step guide to ‘Make a claim’ within your Member portal.

For Maternity and Hospital Claims the process is slightly different. You will need to send your completed claim form to us via post.

If you cannot download a claim form you can contact us here and we can send them out to you.


Your Policy

Can I use My GP Anytime for a sick note if I get coronavirus?

No, please refer to the NHS online service for further information.

Can I use My GP Anytime to declare me fit to return to work following coronavirus?

Our GP Anytime service is unable to declare you fit for work in relation to the coronavirus. Please follow NHS guidance on returning to work after experiencing coronavirus symptoms.

Are Health Shield providing coronavirus tests?

No, we are unable to provide coronavirus tests. For more information on testing please visit

We’re also unable to provide coronavirus antibody tests. For more information on antibody testing please visit

I pay for my Health Cash Plan myself, is there any financial assistance available?

If you are experiencing financial difficulties during this uncertain period, please contact us. We have a range of measures in place and are happy to discuss these in relation to your situation.

Can I roll over my remaining benefit allowance into the next benefit year?

No, Health Cash Plans are designed and priced for a fixed benefit year. All benefit allowances are renewed at the start of the next benefit year.

Is there more information on how Health Shield is supporting members during COVID-19?

Yes, we’ve created a range of resources including tips, videos and blogs on how to keep you in the best of health both mentally and physically during this period.


Thank you for reading the FAQs, please continue to log into the Members' Area by clicking the login button below.

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