COVID-19 resource hub.

In this everchanging situation, the health and wellbeing of our people, clients, members and their families remains our priority. We’ll be regularly updating this hub with the latest content and resources, supporting people to cope and feel more positive in this uncertain time.

COVID-19 resource hub. Resource Hub.

Standing together.

Since we began in 1877, Health Shield has seen unprecedented times – world wars, economic turmoil and various pandemics. Then and now, our mission remains as important as ever - to help more people lead healthier, happier, more productive lives.

After all, people are the focus of what we do. People make up our friendly society, the businesses we support, and our community. As a business, we’ve made the necessary provisions in line with government advice to protect our employees and give us business continuity. Thank you for your continued support.

For our latest updates regarding COVID-19, please view the following:

Our latest COVID-19 update

Member FAQs
Client FAQs
Our COVID-19 risk assessment
Mental health awareness week

Mental Health Awareness Hub.

In our hub we’re exploring the key pillars of wellbeing: Body, Mind, Money and Culture. Take a look at our resources and some top tips from industry experts.

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Our COVID-19 podcasts.

Podcast: The truth about our lockdown challenges.

It’s not just about checking for physical symptoms, the mental impact of COVID-19 is widespread. Our mini-podcast series covers a range of topics from anxiety, home-schooling, screen time and pregnancy during a pandemic. 



Podcast: Employee wellbeing

It’s clear things are changing in the HR world, but there’s so much differing advice, confusing approaches and interchangeable terminology. Our podcast with Sue Clarkson, MD of Coach House Communications tackles these challenges.

Culture: The changing ways of work

Company culture is usually established over a long period of time, but the impact of COVID-19 has accelerated change like never before, forcing us to question traditional ways of working. Could this be a good thing as organisations become more flexible? To explore this, we chatted to our HR Consultant, Jacqui Carr, about the changing ways of work.

Podcast: What can businesses do to support furloughed workers?

There are literally millions of furloughed workers in the UK at the moment. The first of Health Shield’s mini podcasts with our Director of Wellbeing, Carl Laidler, focuses on what businesses can do to support furloughed workers, as well as top tips for furloughed workers to adjust to the change of not working.


Podcast: Overcoming the challenges of remote office working.

Working from home? Welcome to our second mini podcast episode, which covers the shift from office working to remote working and the issues that are starting to arise. Our Director of Wellbeing, Carl Laidler, covers what businesses can do to support their remote workers, emphasising the importance of the role of managers in this period. We'll also touch on what the future might look like for remote working, as it looks like office-based organisations could see some changes to the way we work forever.



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Useful blogs.

Remember to check back here for our latest blogs and resources.

Cold, flu or Covid-19?

It’s that time of year again where seasonal sniffles are on the rise so check out our guidance for the next few months:

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Becoming a new mum during COVID-19

If you’ve become a new mum in the last few months, or maybe your due date is just around the corner, you might be wondering how the current pandemic will impact you and your new family member. There are a great range of resources available that should help to answer the questions you may have:

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Maintaining a positive company culture during a global crisis.

Staying connected and keeping everyone engaged during a time when we’re more isolated than ever is the key to maintaining a positive company culture. We wanted to share some of the ways we’ve been keeping our company culture high:

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Maintaining a positive company culture during a global crisis.


A vaccine for COVID-19? Update on developments.

A key hope in the fight against COVID-19 is the development of an effective vaccine. Barely a day goes by without media reports of ‘significant developments,’ but what’s the reality? We explored the latest updates here:

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A vaccine for COVID-19? Update on developments.


Post viral fatigue for COVID-19 survivors.

COVID-19 is impacting people in different ways. For those that battled through the acute stages of the illness and are starting to feel better, you may find your energy levels aren’t bouncing back as fast as expected. You could be dealing with post-viral fatigue.

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Post viral fatigue for COVID-19 survivors.


How to eat to boost your immune system.

Modern lifestyles can mean that our immune systems get worn down, but what we eat can have a big impact. Our wellbeing partner and Health Coach, Suzy Glaskie has put together some tips on eating to boost your immune system:

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How to eat to boost your immune system.


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Additional resources to help you.

Our trusted partners have also shared some helpful content including articles, videos and webinars to support people in this uncertain time. Whether you’re an employer, an intermediary, an employee, or simply just someone looking for extra information and support, we’ve reached out to our community to bring together a range of expert content to one convenient place.

Mental wellbeing webinars from Thrive.

Our mental wellbeing partner, Thrive, have released a series of webinars to support people with the mental wellbeing impact of COVID-19. The series focuses on stress and resilience, social distancing and anxiety around unsettling times.

View more Thrive webinars
Medical Solutions

COVID-19 FAQs from Medical Solutions.

Our GP Anytime service provider, Medical Solutions, have created a resource hub with information and video answers to COVID-19 FAQs. 

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